Tooba University values the contribution that employees make to the successful operation of the University  and expects a productive and mutually satisfactory employment relationship with each employee. However, it is understood that neither the employee nor the University is obligated to continue the employment relationship and either may terminate the relationship at any time. 

Voluntary Resignation and Retirement

If you decide to resign or retire from your position, it is helpful to give as much advance notice as possible. Non-exempt employees who resign are expected to give their supervisor at least two weeks’ notice; exempt employees who resign are expected to give at least one month’s notice.

A written resignation or retirement notice is required, stating the reason for your resignation and last day of work. You will receive a packet of information regarding the termination, continuation, or transfer of your benefits.

Vacation or other paid leave may not be used to extend your official termination date. Any accrued and unused vacation you have earned as of your official termination date will be paid to you.

Retirement: The retirement of an experienced staff member may have an impact on the operation of an office or department. Whenever possible, you are asked to give a minimum of four months’ written notice; however, six months to one year’s notice would help your department head plan appropriately for the future.

Involuntary Termination

Discharge: Discharge is termination of employment for reasons including but not limited to unsatisfactory work performance, misconduct, or violation of University policies or rules. Discharge may be preceded by a period of leave without pay pending investigation. Discharge can occur without advance notice.