Computer Systems and Networks Acceptable Use Policy

This policy refers to all who use the computers, networks, and peripherals owned or operated by Tooba University, or who gain access to third-party computers and networks through Tooba University’s system. Tooba University normally grants access to its computing network and systems to currently enrolled students and to currently employed staff.

Individuals with access to the Tooba University network have the following obligations and responsibilities:

  1. To respect other people and Tooba University’s intellectual environment. Use of the network may not violate Tooba University policies, federal, state, or local law, including the laws of defamation, forgery, copyright/trademark infringement, and harassment.
  1. To protect each individual’s accounts from unauthorized use by others. Every account is provided for the use of a specific individual and may not be shared with nor loaned to others. Additionally, office computers are generally assigned to specific individuals for Tooba University-related work. All members of the community must obtain permission before using a computer not assigned to them.
  1. To respect the integrity of other users’ accounts. Individuals must not use another person’s user ID without express written permission, or attempt to decode passwords or access information illegitimately. For example, sending electronic mail under another person’s name (forged email) is a violation of this policy.
  1. To avoid engaging in any activity that may reasonably be expected to be harmful to the systems operated by Tooba University, including, but not limited to, attempting to disrupt, gain unauthorized access to, or damage computing and network systems (hardware and software) belonging to Tooba University, or to use Tooba University’s computing resources to disrupt, infiltrate, or damage systems belonging to others on campus or around the world. When a system vulnerability is discovered, users are expected to report it to Information Technology Services (ITS).
  1. Excess use of resources may occur through monopolizing systems, overloading networks, misusing printers or other resources, or sending spam or unsolicited mass electronic mail.

Violations of these guidelines that come to the attention of Tooba University may face administrative and/or legal penalties.