Grades are calculated for the Grade Point Average (GPA) according to the following scale.

A (Excellent)4.00
A –3.67
B (Good)3.00
C (Satisfactory)2.00
D (Poor)1.00
F (Academic Fail)*0.00
FX (Administrative Fail) **0.00

*Academic Fail: Academic fail indicates the student’s continued enrollment in the course and that the student did not satisfy the instructor’s summative requirements for passing the course.

**Administrative fail is assigned by the instructor in lieu of a grade of “F” when a student never attended or stopped attending the class. The absence makes it impossible to give an assessment of academic performance. Instructors will be asked to provide the last date of attendance.

An “I” (Incomplete) grade is assigned by the instructor who has given the student permission to delay completion of specific coursework for a justifiable reason for a specific amount of time. 

“WD” (official Withdrawal), and “AU” (Audit) are requested by the student and cannot be assigned by the instructor. 

A grade of F indicates the student’s failure to complete or comprehend the coursework. Student will be required to repeat the course and the higher grade will be recorded in the transcript. An F grade is not removed from a student’s transcript even if a course is repeated.


If a student receives a grade of C or below in a core course, the student must repeat that course. Even if the course is repeated, the original C will remain on the student’s transcript, the higher grade will be recorded on the transcript. The student can repeat the course multiple times until he or she earns a passing grade.

Probation and Dismissal

If a student receives a C or below in an elective course, the course need not be repeated but any course with a grade of F will not count toward your completed requirements. 

If a student receives a grade of D or below for a core course, the core course must be repeated. When a course is repeated, both the original grade and repeated grade appear on the transcript. The student receives credit only once for the course; however, the original grade of C puts the student on probation.

If a student receives below a D in an elective course, the course must be repeated, and the course can be counted toward degree requirements.


Students who experience mitigating circumstances that prevent them from completing coursework within a given semester may request an incomplete (I) grade from their instructor. 

Approval of incomplete grade requests is neither automatic nor guaranteed. To receive an “I” in a course, the student must be in good academic standing at the time of the request, have completed all assignments up to that point, and receive instructor approval.

A student must request an Incomplete grade from the instructor in writing. Requests made before the withdrawal/audit deadline will not be considered as students still have the opportunity to withdraw or switch to audit at that point. Requests must include an explanation of the extenuating circumstances. The Instructor has the right to ask for documentation. If the instructor, after consultation with the administration, determines that circumstances warrant an Incomplete grade, the Instructor and the student will complete the Request for Incomplete Grade form.

This form outlines the reason for the Incomplete, the remaining work to be done, and the deadline. The instructor also indicates the grade the student will earn if he or she fails to complete the outstanding assignments.

An Incomplete is granted at the instructor’s discretion; the instructor establishes the conditions for resolving the missing work. It is the student’s responsibility to submit all work at the agreed-upon time. If a student does not complete the missing coursework within 60 days from the last day of the term, the “I” will automatically convert to the grade indicated by the instructor on the Request for Incomplete Grade.

Grade Disputes

If a student does not agree with the grade an instructor assigned in a given course, the student should contact the instructor. If the instructor and the student are unable to reach an agreement, the student may present his/her argument to the administration in writing.

The administration may solicit the instructor’s evaluation in writing or members may ask the instructor and/or the student to appear before them. The administration will then determine whether the disputed grade should be changed or retained and informs the student and the instructor of its decision. The administration’s decision is final. Grade disputes must be submitted to the administration no later than the last day of classes for the following semester. Upon graduation, the graduate’s record is closed. No changes thereafter can be made to the graduate’s transcript, and only active grade appeals already in progress will be considered.

Credit Hours

Tooba University uses the Carnegie Classification definition of a credit hour. A credit hour is defined as at least 12.5 hours of direct instruction (in class or remote sites) with at least 25 hours of student work outside of that direct instruction, usually spread over 15 weeks, or the equivalent amount of work over a different amount of time. The definition covers all types of courses, disciplines, programs, degree levels, formats, and modalities of instruction (including hybrid and online).

Course Withdrawal

Students may withdraw from a semester course at any time be- fore Maghrib (sunset) on the start of the 2nd week (calculated from the course start date) without any academic or financial penalty. If a student withdraws any time after this, he/she will be subject to a prorated refund, calculated at a rate of 16 weeks whereby a full week is counted even if a student only attended one hour within that week. If a student withdraws after the 5th week of class (calculated from the course start date), he/she will receive a W for the course and if failing at the time, a grade of F will given at the discretion of the Instructor.

Students are not considered to be withdrawn from a course un- til the Registrar or his/her assignee has received course with- drawal notification.

Graduation Requirements: