As an Islamic institution of higher education, Tooba University aims to create a environment of wholesome learning, academic research and community togetherness while maintaining the high moral standard taught and exemplified by the Messenger of Allah (may Allah’s Peace and Blessings be upon him) in his authentic traditions. In order to maintain these standards, our programs require that all applicants meet certain eligibility requirements.

Applicants should possess a basic understanding of Islam as well as basic knowledge of sciences, social studies and mathematics at the high school level.

Letter of Recommendation

  1. A basic understanding of Islam confirmed by two letters of recommendation, preferably from a Muslim official such as an Imam of a Masjid or Islamic center administrator. Recommendations from Muslim family members and friends are also accepted. This requirement is waived for new Muslims or for non-Muslims interested in learning more about Islam through the university. 

Educational Records

2. High school diploma, transcript, completed GED, A-levels or equivalent from any institution above the level of high school. Copies are also accepted.

Application & Fees

3. Application, fee(s) and application essay explaining how participation in our program will help you in achieving your future goals.

Language Requirements

4. English and Arabic are the languages of instruction at Tooba University so it is essential that students whose first language is not English or Arabic are able to display a suitable level of competence. Applicants whose first language is not English or Arabic must provide written proof that they are competent in the language of their program. Students who do not satisfy the language requirements will be requested to take an English language preparatory course or certification before registering. These courses are not available at present through Tooba University.

Essay Requirements

5. The ability to compose a quality application essay explaining how enrollment in our program will help you in achieving your future goals.

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