B.Sc. Degree Program

Below is the advised coursework sequence for the Bachelor’s of Science (B.Sc.) in Islamic Studies. The sequence is designed for full-time students taking 5 classes (15 Credit Hours) per semester. It is important to note that with on-site courses, not every course listed is guaranteed to be offered every semester; however, the majority of courses will be available online every semester. Tooba University encourages all degree-seeking students, including part-time students, to meet regularly with advisers to ensure that proper progress is made towards their degree.

Students pursuing the Bachelor’s of Science (B.Sc.) in Islamic Studies must take ETQ100 – Etiquettes of Seeking Knowledge (1 Credit Hour) within their first 2 semesters (for full-time students) or before the 10th class enrolled in towards the degree (for part-time students).

Year 1 | FALL
AQD101Introduction to Islamic Belief3 Credits
FQH101Introduction to the Jur. of Worship3 Credits
SUN101Introduction to the Sunnah3 Credits
QUR101Introduction to the Qur’an3 Credits
ELECElective of Your Choice3 Credits
Year 1| SPRING
AQD102Principles of Faith3 Credits
FQH102Principles of Worship3 Credits
SUN102Authenticity of the Sunnah3 Credits
QUR102Journey through the Qur’an3 Credits
ELECElective of Your Choice3 Credits
Year 2 | FALL
AQD201Purification of the Soul3 Credits
FQH201Financial Transactions: Contracts 3 Credits
SUN201Forty Hadith Nawawi3 Credits
TAF201The Mother of the Book3 Credits
ELECElective of Your Choice3 Credits
Year 2 | SPRING
AQD202Survey of the Heart3 Credits
FQH202Financial Transactions: Enterprise3 Credits
SUN202Sources of the Sunnah3 Credits
TAF202Light & Criterion3 Credits
ELECElective of Your Choice3 Credits
Year 3 | Fall
AQD301 Comparative Religion3 credits
FQH301Family Law3 credits
SUN301Methodology of the Sunnah3 credits
TAF301Methodology of Exegesis3 credits
SER301Prophetic Biography: Makkan3 credits
Year 3 | Spring
AQD302 Islamic Belief 63 credits
FQH302Criminal Law3 credits
SUN302Defending the Sunnah3 credits
HST302The First Three Generations3 credits
SER302Prophetic Biography: Madani3 credits
Year 4 | Fall
AQD401 Islamic Belief 73 credits
FQH401Laws of Inheritance3 credits
SHA401Objectives of the Sharia3 credits
HST401The Fourth Generation & Today3 credits
UFQ401Sources of Evidence3 credits
Year 4 | Spring
AQD402 Reason & Logic3 credits
FQH402Fatawa and Contemporary3 credits
SHA402Issues3 credits
HST402Laws of Jurisprudence3 credits
UFQ402History of Islamic Law
Testament of Judicial Rulings
3 credits