FQH 101
Course:Islamic Jurisprudence 1
TitleIntroduction to the Jurisprudence of Worship
Credit Hours:3
Description: Islamic Jurisprudence 1 covers the necessary rules of purity (as-Taharah) and prayer (as-Salah). In this course, students will study the different methodologies of the imams of the four schools of jurisprudence (Fiqh) in relation to how they identified their proofs and deductions.

FQH 102
Course:Islamic Jurisprudence 2
Title Principles of Worship
Credit Hours:3
Description: Islamic Jurisprudence 2 covers the necessary rules of alms (az-Zakah), fasting (Siyam) and pilgrimage (Al-Hajj). In this course, students will also examine current issues such as paying alms (Zakah) on stocks, pensions and retirement plans.

FQH 201
Course:Islamic Jurisprudence 3
Title Financial Transactions: Contracts
Credit Hours:3
Description: Islamic Jurisprudence 3 covers Islamic contracts with a detailed study on contract definitions, types, conditions and essential components as well as the things that render them invalid (e.g. injustice, interest (Riba) and uncertainty). In this course, students will examine the Islamic perspective on common modern transactions such as credit cards, e-commerce and insurance.

FQH 202
Course:Islamic Jurisprudence 4
Title Financial Transactions: Enterprise & Property
Credit Hours:3
Description: Islamic Jurisprudence 4 covers Islamic enterprise and property transactions such as Musharakah, Murabahah, Ijarah, Salam and Istina. In this course, students will examine Islamic alternatives to interest (Riba) and the basic concepts behind Islamic banking and financing systems, learning how to differentiate between the Islamic financial system and its conventional counterparts.

FQH 301
Course:Islamic Jurisprudence 5
TitleFamily Law
Credit Hours:3
Description: Islamic Jurisprudence 5 covers Islamic marriage with a detailed study on the pre-marital stage, weddings, the essential components and conditions of the marriage contract and the mutual responsibilities between husband and wife. In this course, students will study divorce and the legal ways to end a marriage contract.

FQH 302
Course:Islamic Jurisprudence 6
TitleCriminal Law
Credit Hours:3
Description: Islamic Jurisprudence 6 covers crimes and their legal punishments. In this course, students will examine the concept of retaliation (Al-Qisas) and fixed punishment (Al-Hudood). A study will be conducted into the law of evidences and penal system in contemporary Muslim societies.

FQH 401
Course:Islamic Jurisprudence 7
TitleLaws of Inheritance
Credit Hours:3
Description: Islamic Jurisprudence 8 covers the Islamic laws on inheritance. In this course, students will study the concept behind the Islamic will (wasiya), bequeathals and endowment.

FQH 402
Course:Islamic Jurisprudence 8
TitleFatawa & Contemporary Issues
Credit Hours:3
Description: Islamic Jurisprudence 7 covers critical modern day Islamic judicial rulings (fatawa) and concerning many modern day issues. In this course, students will study the Islamic perspectives on issues such as cloning, organ transplants, euthanasia and genetic engineering.