Tooba University offers exceptional Islamic education programs which combine a thorough study of Islamic sciences with a deep spiritual understanding, known in Islam as Tazkiyah (تزكية النفس) or purification of the soul. The university embraces diversity and talent and its programs are open to Muslims of all backgrounds and professions as well as non-Muslims who are interested in learning more about Islam.

Tooba promotes research and critical thinking and educates students in addressing major Islamic issues in a scholarly manner, answering the why’s and why not’s that come from both within and from outside the Muslim community with a high-level of academic accuracy and insight. With professional development as an integral part of the degree curriculum, Tooba University encourages students to combine their Islamic education with their own talents and apply it all in the service of the global Islamic community.

Tooba’s faculty and staff are committed to quality education and their hard work has proven their loyalty to the mission of Tooba University and the future of each student. The university is actively recruiting talented faculty and staff and encourages Islamic scholars, educators, and professionals to work and live within a dynamic Islamic environment while contributing to the university’s mission and growth.

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